Naturally, as we work as investors and brokers to conduct as many real estate transactions as we can, we also can help with financing for investors and businesses. We are connected with over 1000 lenders that can create creative scenarios for borrowers. Some of the programs we do are listed below. 

Non-Owner AND Owner Occupied Financing*

Acquisitions, Construction, New Development.

Cash-Out and Rate Term Refinancing 

Hard Money, Bridge, LOC Funding 

Stated, No Income, DSCR only Financing**

SBA7a & 504 Business Financing

Creative Business Financing for All Businesses (outside of what Banks can finance..)

Short & Long term Fixed Interest Financing for Buy/Hold Investors

Large Scale ($20MM+) & Project Financing 

We can do non-recourse loans on approval. No fees paid upfront at all! Need Financing for your next project contact me today

* = For investors that work out of the building they need financing for, we can do owner-occupied financing. Not for residential. 
** = Only for max 5 yr term. DSCR of min 1.2

Counting Our Money

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