In the deal making, deal creating business that we're in, it's not enough to believe you know what you are doing. The reality is if you "think"... you will sink. If you don't "know"... you won't grow. Knowledge + Energy = Success. You must know your way through the passage in order to get where you want to be.

Many "investors" have the energy, but often times lacking the direction or the guidance. We see this as a burden that can only pollute an ever growing population of people who are seeking for financial freedom, only to continue to bang their head on the wall.

So we take the time to show the way, to the ones who truly can see the value in it.

What we offer (from time to time) are packages of mentoring. These packages are anywhere from showing an investor how to wholesale properties (not as a hobby but something you use to feed your family)... to how to properly structure deals JV deals and financial deals. We provide tools such as cash buyers and motivated sellers. For our more advance mentoring packages we provide our direct contacts of private lenders, hedge funds, private equity buyers that we use to secure positive outcomes when we are creating our deals.

Our first two packages are as follow:

Comprehensive Breakdown of Purchasing and/or "Flipping" Single-Family Residential Properties.

This will be 1v1 experience where we will have recorded conference calls throughout the week at convenient times. You will get a full understanding (from start to finish) on how to scout, assess, put under contract, then eventually sell to a rehabber or end buyer. You will receive market analysis training as well (vital in knowing what markets to spend your time in) as well as pricing understanding. You will receive over 10,000 nationwide cash buyers as well as up to 500 seller prospects. Other tools will include full paperwork docs and availability to virtual assistants. There is a non guarantee and a guaranteed version of this package. Both versions DO NOT have time limits on them. We work around YOUR timeframe to achieve YOUR goal.

Comprehensive Breakdown of Purchasing and/or "Deal-Making" Commercial Real Estate

Similar to the first package, we will schedule times throughout the week on a conference call format that will be recorded and a transcript will be sent to you shortly after. With CRE it is a little different of a beast....the same approach would be used but what would be taught will be different. There will be an emphasis on market analysis and calculations of important figures (cap rate, IRR, market threshold, true equity value, appraisal vs retail, market expectations for certain types of properties, debt assumption, etc..). This will not be "pass on an email to a "buyer" and hope for the best" type of mentoring.

You will understand what properties are currently selling. For how much (based on sq ft). What investors ideal hold time is for different types of properties and more. We will go over the best way to structure a deal and you will have full access to our client base in which you may use them to a deal funded or to sell a property, for a commission based fee. Again there is no time limit on this. We will work for as long as it takes to get you to feel comfortable discussing properties on the phone, with our hedge funds, private equity based investors, and private lenders.

Other forms of mentoring can be explored such as financing and just deal structuring in general. Mentoring will be on a case by case basis with certain limitations.

If you are interested in our mentoring programs, please get in contact with us today.


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