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We are a multifaceted investment company that specifies in acquisitions for our clients, as well as making successful and smart deals in the real estate sector, entertainment industry, and financing world. We are a small group of investors, spread out through the world, that brings a ton of experience and a wealth of knowledge in our respective fields.

In Real Estate, we have successfully concluded over $700M of transactions by utilizing our unique relationships with our hedge funds, trust groups, developing companies, insurance companies, and our private equity investors both domestically, and internationally. We've dealt with CBD office buildings, branded and operated hotels, multifamily assets, bulk single-family assets, domestic retail with major brands, NNN assets as well as re/pre developmental projects.

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For Financing, we structure smart deals for our clients that will not have them over paying due to improper terms or a ludicrous interest rate. Not only do we secure the money that our clients need using multiple funding sources and different financial positioning, but we also advice them on exactly what type of financing you should entertain. We are proud to say that we just don't "bring money to the table", but we bring a solution that creates a win-win scenario for both us and our clients.

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For mentoring, it's important to understand what the end goal is...which is to make money now and ongoing. Many investors (whether it being in real estate or some other venture) go at it blindly seeking results in a business they have never been in before. Mentors (the ones that do it the right way) bring forth knowledge and illuminate the experience of any business that they are teaching. That's what we provide...a straightforward way to reach your end goal with a 1v1 experience that will enhance the overall experience.

We work tirelessly in what we do and go "ALL OUT" to make sure our clients receive maximum results! We are committed to making a successful deal happen where all sides will mutually benefit.

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